Don't Forget To Sparkle

Life is too short to not appreciate every moment. Love with your heart, smile and LIVE. Here's to an amazing summer!

1. smile more
2. have a picnic
3. read two books
4. watch the stars
5. go bowling
6. call my family
7. make cupcakes
8. go to a carnival
9. ride a ferris wheel
10. have breakfast in bed
11. make coconut ice-cream
12. go to the beach
13. go to an american mall
14. take lots of picture
15. take walks every morning
16. go peach picking
17. take a yoga class
18. spend time with my friends
19. try new restaurants
20. compliment someone everyday

Kiss Me! Barely There Makeup

Between high school, friends and my family's love for vacation, I can barely keep up with life. P.S. I'm in Vienna this weekend!! 

With barely a minute to spare, I have a new found love for minimal makeup. Suddenly, I prefer spending the few minutes before I leave for school eating breakfast and checking social media. Although my makeup looks will never require any less than three minutes of perfection, I’m loving how easy this look can be. Say hello to the new me!

Bobbi Brown Corrector, a lightweight concealer for under eye darkness. I warm a little dab between my fingertips and then press. 

MAC CremeSheen Glass, Floating Lotus, a “your lips, but only better” gloss that won't not change the color of your lips, only making them look kissable.  

Elf Blush, Mellow Mauve gives me a little color without making me look too flushed.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, just because everyone needs this product.. my skin, only better.. SPF, blendable and natural

Fashion Attitude: This Week In Instagrams

Okay!! Totally something different today on the blog but it's okay because I love, like love, instagram. Every morning, on the way to school, I have my neighbor take a picture of my outfit and from that point on I'm snapping photos of everything. No, but... I'm actually obsessed with instagram...

I spent my weekend shopping at Claude Pierlot, hanging out with my two best girlfriends, getting my hair done and trying on some of my birthday presents from Comptoir Des Cotonniers. I obviously did not take pictures of me studying for school. #boring

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