Weekly Moi

my week... I traveled out of Manhattan for the first time and stepped foot in Brooklyn. I've started a 3 day juice cleanse. I listened to the "Fault In Our Stars" soundtrack on repeat. I finally posted a new video on my youtube channel!! && I relaxed and watched as summer flew by, leaving me with only 9 days.

Daily Obsession: Working Girl

Sarah Jessica Parker has time to mother, design, act and still look glamorous. I've never been titled the "i don't know how she does it girl" but I've never had to organize my life into an agenda either. My summer has been just so busy that I've barely had time to blog or bronze! In between padding my philanthropic resumé, studying for my SAT's, french course work, my Clarins internship and traveling... i am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d! I'm very grateful for my life... blahh.blahh.blahh. but really, I just want to jump into my pajamas and sleep.

Friday State Of Fashion

Happy Friday!
leopard print
dressing up
being friendly

back to school anything
breakfast buffets

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Daily Obsession: Glamazon

Current location: Syracuse University

Good morning mes cheriés! Moi @ Syrcause? Did I forget to tell you that college shopping is my new obsession. I finally said OK to the long information seminars, boring campus tours and exhausting road trips not because I've suddenly decided to be super passionate about educational matter but because I am truly a glamazon at heart. All this east-coast traveling creates the perfect opportunity for cross-country shopping. I'll soon be tweeting you with shopping bags in hand. XO

Daily Obsession: Smiling In Between Silk Sheets

I may have been born with a big heart and the ability to put together catwalk ready ensembles in less than 2 minutes, but I don't have it all. I was born with far too little teeth and just started my long implantation process. I'm currently writing this bedridden with an ice pack plastered to my left cheek. Unbelievable really. If anything, this day is missing a little sparkle. The good news is, after this experience is fini, I'll have a reason to spoil myself at Henri Bendel's (my new favorite store). I can't wait to show off my smile.

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