My New York Style Guide

I'm currently living on cloud fashion. I can't stop shopping, styling and creating. So, to keep myself busy, I decided to enroll myself in "fashion boot camp". I took inventory of my wardrobe and asked myself three questions. What do I have? What do I need? What do I want? If you're reading this, I dare you to do the same. Take a look into your closet, establish your everyday basics and build your personal style from there. Stay chic! XOXO

Current Location: New York!

Fashion Attitude: This Week In Instagrams

Okay!! Totally something different today on the blog but it's okay because I love, like love, instagram. Every morning, on the way to school, I have my neighbor take a picture of my outfit and from that point on I'm snapping photos of everything. No, but... I'm actually obsessed with instagram...

I spent my weekend shopping at Claude Pierlot, hanging out with my two best girlfriends, getting my hair done and trying on some of my birthday presents from Comptoir Des Cotonniers. I obviously did not take pictures of me studying for school. #boring

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Kiss Me In Greece

True or False?! I travel with a makeup bag carrying only my favorite products... FALSE! I was so excited about my weekend getaway to Greece that I literally just threw random products into a suitcase and left for the airport. Surprisingly, I opened my suitcase to find lip products I had pretty much forgotten about. Obviously, I have created a new genius packing method to fall in love with old products. Your welcome! The Almay liquid lipstick in Cantaloupe is much more like a pigmented, bold lipstick than a light gloss. But, the MAC tinted lip balm and Revlon Colorburst in 115 are lip colors that I feel comfortable throwing in my beach bag to apply subtle color and gloss throughout the day.

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